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About me

The minority in South Africa will aspire to be brave enough and become self-employed, in order to secure more time for the pleasures in life. This is due to the standard of living making us dependent on the security of a steady monthly income. I was part of the majority in South Africa long enough to recognise the opportunity for me to help you manage the risk worth taking.

My skills development journey began in the year 1998 where I attained a Secretarial Diploma and founded the roots of my career which I now practice effortlessly. I have been awarded many opportunities during this journey, completing external and internal courses through various Employers and proving myself exceptional in every challenge and task executed.

Planning events, administration of business endeavors, professional mentorship/advice, Public Relations, Media Communication, Travel & Diary Management, and all relative functions are my primary pursuit. I am versatile, flexible, well-grounded and could potentially be exactly what you have needed to solidify the success of your entrepreneurship.

My promise is to apply all my knowledge and skill when under-taking or being assigned any article of work, regardless its magnitude, providing every single Client with the same efficiency, level of competence, integrity, confidentiality and business ethics as I desire for myself.

I am available for basic consultation and for assistance with spreadsheets, templates and/similar to both business owners and those who cannot be categorised as free-lancers or Enterprisers. The virtual aspect of my services enables you to connect and liaise with me from wherever you may be without the hassle and time consumption of physically meeting with me. Timelines and deadlines are easy for me to adhere to and meet, respectively.

The objective of my mission to virtually assist you is fueled by my self-confidence, my countless number of business skills, my regard for uniformity and thoroughness, my interest in anything your business enterprise has set out to accomplish and my subjective approach to all business matters. I sieve through tasks with a fine-tooth comb to deliver a product to you that speaks directly to the assigned briefing.

You have come this far by taking the most significant chance in your life to be the absolute umpire of your working fate in this world. Let me help make the process and maintenance thereof easier to establish and uphold consistency, quality management so that your identity becomes your winning brand.


I am a Proud Member of

Virtual Assistant Association of South Africa